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I am a proud Whovian. A blog dedicated to my interests of the fandom world (Doctor Who mainly)

Also a professional dancer! Feel free to message me anytime, always open for a talk :)

'I've had many faces, many lives. But I don't admit to all of them. There's one life I've tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War and that was the day he did it. The day I did it. The day he killed them all. The last day of the Time War. The war to end all wars. Between my people and the Daleks. And in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other. A man who would commit a crime that would silence the Universe. And that man was me. But what we do today, is done in the name of many lives we are failing to save' - Matt Smith (11th Doctor) 

'What we do today, we do not do out of fear or hatred, but because there is no other way' - David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)

'Time Lords of Gallifrey, Daleks of Skaro. I serve notice on you all. Too long I have stayed my had. No more. Today you leave me no choice. Today this war will end. No more. No more. ' - The War Doctor